The Best Stores in the Region (so far…)

And here is my thank you gift. To celebrate the first month of this site, I’m dropping the most comprehensive retailer review I am currently able to provide.

A lot of data has been collected from a lot of liquor stores in the past month. Each time, I’ve posted a retailer review. But, now I’ve got data from almost 30 spots in the Metro St. Louis area (let’s be honest, mostly Illinois, but I’ll start getting over to the west side of the river soon). So, it’s time to compare some of the data head to head.

On the following pages, you’ll see how stores fared directly against each other. Each page of this article is for a specific bottle, then the last page of the article is how all 28 stores that have been reviewed compare with each other.

The pages for each bottle show, in order, the 10 stores with the lowest prices for that bottle. Or, if fewer than 10 places reviewed had that particular bottle, all stores that DID have it are ranked.

That final page, represented by a gold star, looks at the prices entered for every bottle at each of the 28 stores and compares them to the Fair Price list. Then, each of those individual comparisons were averaged for the store to give a final % to Fair Price. A lower % means their prices are lower than the Fair Price, a higher % means their prices are higher than the Fair Price. So, not only do you get to see the good stores, but also the ones that have room for improvement too.

Please remember, this is a guide and only takes price into account, not friendliness or helpfulness of employees. And, it only takes into account the prices that were entered into the retailer review form, so please only use this article as a guide, not a bible.

Throughout this article, if you click on a bottle (or the star), it will take you to the page you want to view. So, click away, and if you have comments or feedback, please let me know in the comments section below (or give a Like/Share below)

Rankings of all retailers (so far)

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