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One month and two days ago I got mad. I got mad because I was tired of seeing stores charge simply egregious prices for bottles of bourbon. I went into the St. Louis Bourbon Society Facebook page (if you aren’t part of that phenomenal group, you need to remedy that right away by following this link).

Many people shared my frustrations. Others tried telling me it was just a function of simple economics, and supply/demand.

The next day I had just an outrageous amount of yard work to do. The whole time I was working, my brain was wrapped around how to have an impact on stores overcharging. My initial instinct was that many people new to bourbon simply weren’t knowledgeable enough about bourbon to know how much these bottles are actually SUPPOSED to cost.

So, that evening I started working on what I refer to as the Fair Price list. No, this list STILL isn’t complete, and it still needs some refining to be a more accurate guide. But, it at least provides a resource to help people recognize when they’re being egregiously over charged.

The next day, I kept brainstorming on other resources that would be helpful. I figured that if I could take the price list and check retailers against it, I could help inform buyers about specific retailers that consistently overcharge, and those who operate more fairly.

That same day, I started thinking about how annoyed I get with professional bourbon reviews because honestly, they’re just too good at picking out flavors, so, if people read reviews from other normal bourbon enthusiasts, it might be more helpful in identifying bottles they wanted to try.

Over time, and through conversations with other bourbon enthusiasts, this site developed into what it is…which is a website that’s still in it’s infancy. BUT, I’m working hard to try to help people identify what bourbon they want to drink, where it’s located, and how much they’re asking. In the one month this site has been up, 3,493 of you have visited it 13,034 times. That has outpaced every expectation I envisioned.

I can’t thank everyone enough for the support, for the messages of appreciation, and all the folks who have made comments that helped shape this into a resource that I hope helps guide people through a truly amazing experience with appreciating bourbon (and whiskey).

I have more things I want to refine with this site, and I can’t do it on my own. If you’re interested in helping, the biggest thing you can do is to complete a retailer review, a bottle review, or consensus ratings. Everything about this site is driven by data. I can’t visit every liquor store in the St. Louis area on my own (even though I want to), and I can’t drink every single bourbon on the market (even though I REALLY want to). But, if you take just a few minutes to complete a retailer review while you’re in a store, or a bottle review when you’re having a dram, that data can be used to help other bourbon enthusiasts, and in the end, help us all out by pushing people to the liquor stores that operate honestly and fairly instead of gouging prices.

If absolutely NOTHING else, thank you for using the resources within the site.

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Father, bourbon enthusiast, husband.

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  1. Thanks for doing this, it’s a great service and hopefully you can work the vendor side of this (from an enrollment/participation) to keep one another honest and not rake unsuspecting customers over the coals because they didn’t have the valueable insights you are providing!

    1. I’m hoping at some point businesses recognize a change in their sales and look for ways of improving it. For now, I’m happy to provide resources that us little guy enthusiasts can use and hopefully support the businesses that are doing things in a more honest way.

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