Top 10 Bourbons According to my Readers

It wasn’t very long ago that some of my readers helped me identify a flaw in the tasting reviews that I was receiving. They pointed out that, although many people will pick up the same flavor notes in a whiskey, the actual enjoyment of that whiskey could be dramatically different from one person to the next, so, while one person might rate a particular bottle an A+, another might rate it a C- even though they pick up the same flavor notes.

This could cause someone new to bourbon to avoid a bottle that is generally loved. With that in mind, I have tried to collect consensus ratings of many different bottles that will accompany the tasting notes.

If you would like to provide ratings to bottles to add to the consensus ratings, it would be helpful, and it is a very fast and easy process, you just need to click this link.

Now, based on the consensus ratings provided by readers, I present to you the top 10 bottles that have been rated. Please note, there are still many bottles that have not yet been rated, and the form is NOT a comprehensive list. In order to be considered for this list, at least five (5) people needed to have provided a rating for the bottle. Because of the restrictions that at least 5 people needed to have provided ratings, many bottles that are truly beloved are noticeably missing from these ratings.

So, if you don’t see something on this list or disagree with other readers, don’t get mad, go rate bottles.

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