Whiskey Tasting Review – Eagle Rare

Average Rating (0-100, from previously collected ratings) 78/100

What are you reviewing? Eagle Rare Kentucky Straight Bourbon

What overall grade do you give it? B+

Do you remember how much you paid for the bottle? $55 (Reviewer Comment – overpriced, I know, but it was a gift)

Is the whiskey worth what you paid? No

Nose – Caramel- overall just a sweet smell.

Palate – Caramel flavors with a hint of oak and a bit of leather.

Finish – Woody flavors with a small hint of smoke.

Does this whiskey remind you of a different whiskey? No.

In your opinion, what’s the best use of this whiskey (sipping or mixing? Any recommendations on a particular mix? Neat or on the rocks. Maybe in an Old Fashioned or Manhattan.

Is there anything about the whiskey we should know that we didn’t ask? I’d toss out $40 or less for another bottle. But for the price point paid for this bottle, I could grab Old Forester for less and have a better pour.

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