Whiskey Tasting Review – W.L. Weller Full Proof

What are you reviewing? W.L. Weller Full Proof

What overall grade do you give it? A+

Do you remember how much you paid for the bottle? $99

Is the whiskey worth what you paid? Yes

Nose – Sweet, definitely smells sweet. Mostly cherry.

Palate – Cherry for sure at first taste, then it morphs into something a little mellower.

Finish – Plum type finish. Heavy oak to finish. But this oak flavor is heavenly. The heaviness was expected as its non-chilled, but It’s a sweet oak taste and wonderful finish. As the tasting goes on I keep getting the same consistent flavors till about 15 minutes in, the oak turns into a spicy oak, with Cinnamon flavor clear as day.

Does this whiskey remind you of a different whiskey? No, non chilled heavy proof seems to be getting much more popular, but the tastes aren’t the same as what I’ve had. I usually taste much more Carmel in the ones I’ve had before. Really digging the plum taste in this one

In your opinion, what’s the best use of this whiskey (sipping or mixing? Any recommendations on a particular mix? Great sipper, but very easily drinkable, sipping not required. Even at first dry taste, super smooth and easy to handle.

Is there anything about the whiskey we should know that we didn’t ask? Not on the drink, but shop at one place, they get to know you and the will help you out with some of the better bottles. I know if you get a great deal on this $60.00 seems to be the number, but I would pay $99 again in a heartbeat.

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