Whiskey Tasting Review – Minor Case Straight Rye Whiskey

What are you reviewing? Minor Case Straight Rye Whiskey

What overall grade do you give it? A+

Do you remember how much you paid for the bottle? $35

Is the whiskey worth what you paid? Yes

Nose – A sweet fruity scent along with the normal rye spice. Very little alcohol burn. As I took more sips, vanilla become a more prominent scent, and it became an even more pleasurable glass.

Palate – When sipping it neat, it was very complex yet smooth. Began with a light fruit flavor, then a spicy taste in the center of my tongue that subsided to a strong vanilla flavor. As I continued sipping, the vanilla came through even more to the front of the flavor. With a bit of water, it offers more of a floral flavor and is even smoother.

Finish – When sipped neat, it has a very long, pleasant finish. It transitions from a warm oak to a strong vanilla, followed by a dry sherry sweetness. Sipping with a bit of water reduces the finish, and offers a bit more of a floral finish than I noticed before, but the water also reduced the oak flavor.

Does this whiskey remind you of a different whiskey? Not at all. The layers of flavor, the way the flavors present themselves, and the overall smoothness really separates it from any other rye in this range.

In your opinion, what’s the best use of this whiskey (sipping or mixing? Any recommendations on a particular mix? This whiskey is a great sipper neat. Sipping with water made it smoother, but less flavorful (but still very enjoyable). This will be an exceptional whiskey for a Manhattan.

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