Whiskey Tasting Review – Eagle Rare

Average Rating (0-100, from previously collected ratings) 78/100

What are you reviewing? Eagle Rare Kentucky Straight Bourbon

What overall grade do you give it? A-

Do you remember how much you paid for the bottle? $40

Is the whiskey worth what you paid? Yes

Nose – Smell of oak and corn.

Palate – Initially, it’ buttery and sweet on the tongue. The following flavors hint at orange and vanilla with a sweet and oaky finish.

Finish – The first finish left a caramel flavor on the tongue. As more drinks followed, I could pick up a bit more orange notes and the oak, but the flavor was consistent without a ton of depth, which is okay since the mellow flavors are initially very good.

Does this whiskey remind you of a different whiskey? Obviously, Buffalo Trace. It almost tastes like a wheated bourbon, such as Weller.

In your opinion, what’s the best use of this whiskey (sipping or mixing? Any recommendations on a particular mix? Neat, maybe with an ice ball. A touch of water might open it up.

Is there anything about the whiskey we should know that we didn’t ask? It’s extremely hard to track down for MSRP within 20 minutes of my house, so I won’t be going hunting for this bottle soon after I finish it. A great bottle indeed, but not worth the gas money and frustration to find it at a reasonable price..

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  1. Thanks for the review. You mentioned that you paid $40. Also that travelling farther than 20 minutes to pay MSRP is not for you. What is average MSRP on this bottle? Thanks

    1. To be clear, this was a review submitted by a reader, not my own. I’m personally not a fan of Eagle Rare, though I am certainly in the minority about that. MSRP is $37, if you find it, it is pretty consistently sub $50 unless it’s a barrel select/owner’s select, then it can go up to $55.

  2. Thank you for such an in depth review.
    I just bought and tried my first bottle a week ago. $50. I was excited because a lot of folks in this group love ER. I’m still new at this game. Developing my tastes for what I like, love, etc. I was kinda disappointed. Strong flavors without the smoothness I love. Going to try your suggestion to water it down some.

    Thanks for an awesome review!

    1. This was a review submitted by a reader, not myself. I personally am not a fan of ER, though I know I’m in the minority on that. You may try the water, as suggested by whoever submitted the review, or try a splash of seltzer or club soda too. I typically have a bottle of ER in my bar, but it’s mostly for buddies drinking with me, or I’ll use it in a Whiskey Sour.

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