Bourbon Price List

An ever growing list of bourbon, the distiller it’s from, and a fair price for a bottle.

Updated 5/4/2020

TLDR – Price List

Bourbon is booming, and it has been for going on 10 years. This boom has caused some retailers to overcharge for a bottle of bourbon in comparison to what the distiller recommends selling a bottle for.

We’re not here to tell you how to spend your money. You earned it, and you should do whatever you want with it.

However, we also believe that knowledge is power. Maybe people don’t know that Buffalo Trace recommends selling a bottle of Weller 12 for about $30 because you’ve only ever seen it for $125+.

Our goal is to make sure you know what we believe a fair price is. How you choose to use that information is your decision.

In our other areas of this site, we will provide information on the prices various retailers charge.

A few notes on the list:

1 – We are always working with it, updating with new bourbon as it comes out, confirming a fair price, etc

2 – “Fair retail price” is a subjective term. It’s not possible for us to learn the suggested retail price of every bourbon, it’s simply not available. We also understand that a person buying a bottle from a store is the 4th tier in the chain. The first is the distiller – they create the bourbon and bottle it. The second is the distributor, who buys it from the distiller, then you have the retailer who buys it from the distributor. In the end, you buy it from the retailer. With it not being possible to know what the distributor pays the distiller, nor what the retailer pays the distributor, we can only take available information to identify what we can best identify as a “fair price”.

3 – Everything on this list is for a 750mL bottle. Some of the bottles come in various other sizes, at this time, we are not calculating the “fair price” for those other sizes.

4 – We’ve included a subjective “Rarity” column. * = easiest to find, ***** = hardest to find. Many of the bottles of bourbon we’ve listed are seasonal, so, any Pappy Van Winkle products are typically released in November, so maybe they’d be considered *** in November. BUT, they’ll sell out fast, and as soon as they’re gone, they are of course ***** again. One other consideration, is that the “rarity” varies by particular locations. There are stores in the area that regularly have things listed as *** or ****, our rarity rating is based on Metro St. Louis as a whole.

Finally, if you notice a bottle we’ve missed, let us know. IF the bottle you noticed is a prior year of a special release, just go ahead and keep it to yourself. We’re focused on bottles that are possible to buy from retailers.

The St Louis Bourbon Buyers Guide Price List

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